Orthotics Services Provided:

Our Certified Orthotists are trained to evaluate, cast, measure, design and fabricate custom made orthotic devices. We are specialists, and can explain how any device will work to provide improved function and/or pain relief. Orthotic services are covered 100% for residents of Manitoba by the Manitoba Health Services Commission for most items. For items not fully covered, 3rd party insurance agencies may reimburse part or all the cost. Our Orthotists are experts when dealing with any level of Orthotic care including:

  • Lower and Upper Extremity
    • Spasticity management
    • Drop-foot management
  • Knee Bracing
  • Structural support
  • Foot Orthotics
  • Pediatric Orthotics
  • Stance Control KAFO's (including micro-processor)
  • FES (Functional Electrical Stimulation)

The Treatment Process

WinPO welcomes all inquiries about our services and products. Most likely you will be referred to us by a therapist, or your physician who has prescribed an Orthosis to help provide you with support or pain relief. All of our services require a physician's prescription. The treatment that we provide to our patients includes complete ongoing care. It is very important to us that our patients are included, as much as possible, in the important decisions that need to be made regarding the care in which we provide. Chronologically, the typical treatment process includes:

  • Initial Assessment
  • Assess/Measure/Casting
  • Evaluation of Orthosis
  • Follow-ups

Initial Assessment:

You will meet with an Orthotist who will assess your condition including your strength, range of motion, and sensation. Other information such as history, general health, allergies, goals, and living conditions will be discussed. This information, as well as a physician's diagnosis will help us determine an appropriate treatment process. Sometimes it may be helpful to have a family member or friend with you to help in asking/answering questions. A plan will be laid out, and you will be cast and/or measured for your orthosis.


This is the point at which a cast or mold is made of your limb or section of your body in question. Some orthotic devices can be made from tracing, a specific measuring tool, or capturing your shape with a scanner. It is helpful to bring shorts, if you are being treated for your knee or leg. This appointment usually lasts approximately 1 hour. From casting date to fitting date, we will have an orthosis in approximately 3 weeks or less, barring unforeseen circumstances.

Clinical Evaluation of Orthosis:

It is at this appointment where you are fit with your orthosis. This entails ensuring that it is supporting you properly, there are no areas of peak pressure, it is comfortable, and can fit into a shoe (if it encapsulates your foot). Depending on the complexity of your orthosis, there may be a need to make some further adjustments and require more appointments. Most manufacturing services are done on site, as are most repairs. This appointment for your definitive orthosis usually lasts between 1/2 hour and 1 hour.

Follow Up:

We schedule the first follow-up appointment about one month after you receive your orthosis. Should you have any issues, problems or questions, please do not hesitate to call us before a follow up is scheduled. Often a minor adjustment can greatly improve your comfort and function. At the follow-up appointment, we monitor your progress and make any necessary changes. These appointments are ongoing, as we continue to provide service to our patients by checking skin, wear on and tear and provide supplies as needed.